Afghan Women's Rights

Afghan Women contribute to Afghanistan’s economic growth

Afghan Women Rights

After the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the country has begun to do major reconstruction on its social and economic structures by including more women in the workforce. Reconstructing one structure influences the other. It takes everyone’s hard work, including women, to achieve lasting prosperity in Afghanistan.

Traditionally, men have been the primary breadwinners of the family. Although today, it is increasingly common to see women enter the workforce to help provide income for the family.

Daughters who have achieved higher education are also competing in job markets dominated by men.Equal pay for women is continuing to be a challenge in Afghanistan, along with other gender equity challenges.Due to the increasing number of women entering the workforce, advocacy for equal pay has increased.

Today, we are witnessing Afghan women break barriers to achieve gender equity. According to, there is enough data to prove that gender equality can lead to increased productivity, improved efficiency, and sustainable benefits for the next generation.Getting the public to believe these benefits are the next steps to reconstructing Afghanistan’s social and economic structures.

Perhaps the biggest obstacles women business owners face is that they are not taken seriously by their male counterparts in business. Efforts are being made to change the perception of women in the workforce.

Communicating the benefits of having women in the workforce are proving to be an effective way of changing negative perceptions of women in Afghanistan. Public awareness campaigns are working with media organizations and public figures to highlight achievements made by women in the workforce. Public awareness campaigns are not enough because it is Afghan people who must install the change they wish to see in their country.

People in all provinces of Afghanistan are encouraging the government to pass more legislation that would achieve gender equality in the country, which would then lead to a stronger Afghan economy.

Afghanistan’s economic growth will prosper with the increase of women in the workforce.