Afghan Women's Rights

Afghan Women Rights

Being ranked as the most dangerous country for women by a poll of experts published by BBC, women rights issues in Afghanistan has drawn a lot of support and attention of the international community. The availability of donor funding has led to the establishment of a lot of local civil society organizations run by women activists to protect Afghan women’s rights. With the idea of women development in mind, USAID very recently launched Promote, the largest women empowerment project in the agency’s history. During the course of next five years, building upon existing and previous programs for women and girls, Promote aims to educate, promote, and train a new generation of Afghan women, aged 18-30. Despite all this popular support from national and international organization for women rights issues, recent developments such as the change in the criminal prosecution code that bans relatives of an accused person from testifying against them, ongoing peace talks with Taliban and the recent brutal killing of Farkhunda, have raised severe concerns of the women rights activists and networks over preserving the existing fragile protection mechanisms for Afghan women rights. Though afghan women remain committed to their quest for equality.
A new global trend in the area of women rights movements sparked by the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban ki-moon, has been encouraging men to stand up for women rights through the launch of HeForShe campaign. Women activists across the globe have realized the fact that was conceived as a struggle led by women for women is not the ideal approach to ending violence against women and now it is time for bringing together one half of humanity for the other half for the benefit of all. Governments, UN field office and women rights activists across the globe including Afghanistan have followed suit to join this solidarity movement. As a result of the launch of this campaign in June 2015 in Afghanistan under the slogan “A brave man stands for women” a great number of men in leadership and at the grass root level have joined the movement to stand up for women rights in Afghanistan.


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