Afghan Women's Rights

Economic Opportunities

Afghan women keep the business of life going

“As the Afghan economy reels from a reduction in international funding and the withdrawal of international forces, female wage earners are becoming increasingly critical to the economic development of the country. Many private sector employers are recognizing and capitalizing on the contribution of Afghan women.

Despite this, there remains a marked disparity between men and women participating in the labor force. According to the Afghan government’s Central Statistics Organization, only 19 percent of women in Afghanistan participate in the labor force, while 80 percent of men are economically active

Traditionally, the burden of supporting the family has rested firmly on the shoulders of Afghan males, according to a report by the Ministry of Economy. The report notes that while some women tend to work in the informal sector earning less than men, culturally they are not expected to be the family breadwinners, unless male family members are absent.

Now, with the economy in jeopardy, there is a growing need for women to contribute to their families’ economic wellbeing.   The International Labor Organization reports that under-employment in the country is estimated at 48 percent.” Read more