Afghan Women's Rights

Gender Violence

Against this backdrop, and the high probability of being harassed on the streets for no other reason than gender, a young Afghan woman artist, Kubra Khademi, designed and wore an exaggerated breast and buttock armor in a crowded street of Kabul to condemn violence against women.

As in these and many other countries, sexual harassment and assault, rape, and domestic violence are omnipresent in Afghanistan. Violence against women here has increased 25% and the country’s first Elimination of Violence Against Women law (2012) is rarely applied with police turning their backs on victims.

This culture of violence and its normalization is deeper and more widespread in Afghanistan due to tribal norms, the ideology of religious extremists like the Taliban, and other patriarchic mindsets that result in 60-80% of marriages being forced and/or underage and other atrocities such as arsons and bombings against girl schools, poison and acid attacks against girl students, and the traditional increase victimization of women and girls due to conflict. Read more >>