Afghan Women's Rights

President Ghani Warns any Government Official and Minister found disrespecting women will be fired immediately .

Government officials, including ministers, will be fired immediately if they are found involved in disrespecting women, President Ashraf Ghani has warned.

Ghani issued the warning in his address to the participants of a meeting on women’s leadership role in government institutions in Kabul on Thursday evening, according to a statement from the Presidential Palace.

Afghan Women Rights

President Ghani will fire any government official or minister disrespecting women.

At the meeting, the UN Women chief thanked First Lady Rula Ghani for her strong belief in women’s leadership and her untiring efforts for women’s empowerment.

She said the word today badly needed new ways in terms of leadership. Women could play a proactive role in this regard, she remarked, saying such program provided them a chance to work together with women for achieving important goals.

Susan Coleman, organizer of the program, told the audience: “Working with women at the governmental level and empowering them is a matter of pride for us.”

The participants shared their experiences and discussed different issues facing women, opportunities and challenges, the organiser said.

Speaking on the occasion, the president said the program was worth investing in and “you have guaranteed its continuity”.  He also highlighted the imperatives of leadership and management skills that varied in different situations.

He characterized the culture of male-dominance in the contemporary world as a big challenge, creating complicated problems. “Our first reaction is how we as listeners can discount the speaker’s view.”

The president promised providing women with a secure work environment, giving them a fair chance to explain their problems and resolving the issues. He also called for working on implementation of women protection laws.

Ghani went on to wan that any minister, director or other government functionary found involved in abusing women would be sacked right away.  “As long as I remain at the helm, Afghan women will be given more than equal role…”

With the participation of women in government affairs, he hoped, Afghan society and culture would witness a fundamental change.

His spouse Rula Ghani referred to her participation in a recent conference in the UAE on women’s empowerment. She called for joint efforts by women to achieve their common goals.